Jason Bohn (Flash Area)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Q.  Good round today?

JASON BOHN:  Yeah, thanks.

Q.  Where did you make your most best, what was your best play I would say?

JASON BOHN:  The start.  Right out of the chute.  I played beautifully right out of the chute.  I hit a lot of fairways.  I don't think I missed one fairway in the first six holes, which obviously are the toughest test out here.  And I had, I hit all six greens.

So I had legitimate birdie putts on all holes and to birdie the first it's a big advantage, but that was, I mean and I knew once I got through that first six holes under par that I had a good chance of shooting a very good score today.

I just didn't hang on.  I kind of finished very poorly, I feel.  On holes that I think were very birdie able today, 17 and 18, to make bogeys, to give it back, that's almost a two shot, two or three shot swing.  So a little disappointing finish, but all in all pretty happy.

Q.  Anything in particular that led to that finish?

JASON BOHN:  I was pretty indecisive on my third shot on 17.  I wasn't quite sure how I was trying to hit the shot.  I was wanting to hit like a little kind of low check and run back in there, but you know if you go long there you're just making bogey.  So I cam up short, a little mental lapse on by 3‑putting.  I just really maybe a little fatigued, maybe a little tired.  It's a tough grind.  You're grinding non‑stop.

Eighteen, I thought I hit a pretty good second shot and it maybe got a little gust of wind or something and hit the lip of the bunker and came down and then I lipped out the putt.

It's a frustrating finish when you know you got wedge and 9‑iron in your hand on the last two holes.  Those are kind of your, you can make some birdies if you got those clubs in your hand.

Q.  70 is not discouraging but you know where you could be.

JASON BOHN:  70 is not discouraging by any means the way that I've played golf this year.  I'm pretty thrilled to be where I am; but, yeah, I played, I played, I hit a lot of high quality shots.  I made some good up‑and‑downs.  So it was all in all, I would have liked to have got under par though, that's the key.

Q.  What's the key to eliminating those final holes, or actually I guess they will be your middle hole mistakes tomorrow?

JASON BOHN:  Those are aggressive holes.  You can play them fairly aggressive and I just hit a couple of poor shots.  If you hit a poor shot out here you're going to make bogey.  But the great part about this golf course is if you hit a good golf shot you have a legitimate chance of making birdie.

The setup is really good.  It's very fair, but very difficult.

Q.  Any advantage in going out early as opposed to later, do you think?

JASON BOHN:  Yeah, I think that ‑‑ well, it all depends.  It wasn't that bad this morning.  I played yesterday morning at that exact same time and it was a lot cooler and a lot more damp.  So this morning it was okay.

There wasn't a lot of wind out there and I think this afternoon ‑‑ the only thing in the morning is you always have more moisture.  Moisture in the fairway, moisture in the greens.  That's a big advantage.  So if you can take advantage of it, in your morning round, and hit a couple good shots in there, they can hold.


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