Stephen Ames (Flash Area)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

STEPHEN AMES:  We've got subtle slopes.  They're quick.

Q.  Did you three‑putt 1?  Hit in a good shot, at the top of the hill, the first hole on the golf course, No. 9?

STEPHEN AMES:  No, I two‑putted.  I three‑putted 2.

Q.  Did you feel the course get firmer?

 STEPHEN AMES:  Some were firm and some were soft.  And I think looking back and looking at it it's probably because 1 was in the shadows.  The par‑3 with the creek on the left.  That was exceptionally soft, I thought.  Only because I think the sun wasn't beating it down.  The rest of the holes are pretty much open.  And you can actually see it.  It's starting to bake a little bit.

Q.  Talking about 13 as a dangerous hole.

 STEPHEN AMES:  It's a tough hole altogether, yeah.  No doubt about it.  Wind is into it off the right.  The left handers have to draw it in there to be able to hold the green.

 Q.  What did you do there?

STEPHEN AMES:  I hit the green, just barely.  If the green was as firm as the other greens it probably would have ran off.  And I was six feet in from the edge.

Q.  Did you hit driver on 7?

STEPHEN AMES:  After waiting two groups, yeah, I tried (laughter) like everybody else, hit it right.

Q.  What was your best shot today?

STEPHEN AMES:  All of them.  All of them were good.  There was only one weak shot and that was the driver on 7.  That was it.  I was quite happy with the rest of the way I swung the golf club today.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

STEPHEN AMES:  The par‑3?

 Q.  What did you hit in there?

STEPHEN AMES:  A 7‑iron.

Q.  As you said only a couple of guys under par.  When one of them is Tiger and he's coming off a win last time, does that get a lot of attention?

STEPHEN AMES:  He's always got all the attention, he's Tiger Woods.  Second best player in the history of golf, after Jack.

Q.  Are you still using that putting adjustment you made a few weeks ago?

STEPHEN AMES:  Yeah, we haven't putted on greens like this all year.  All firm.  All fast.

 Q.  16, it is all the way back?


Q.  Crazy?

STEPHEN AMES:  That's a beast.  You miss the fairway, and a bogey right away, because you're so far back from missing the fairway, you have to hit out a 5‑iron, 6‑iron.  You might be lucky to get a 5‑wood on there.  If you don't get it far around the corner enough, you have to ‑‑

 Q.  And then you're back?

STEPHEN AMES:  Yeah, it's tough.  It's a tough hole from back there.  Off the front I think it's a better hole.  I made bogey.  I actually laid up on my third shot.  I missed the fairway, laid back, and then I looked at it and I went, you know, I've got to snap up my third shot to even have a chance.  Let me layup.

Q.  Could you see it?

STEPHEN AMES:  I could see the green, but I had to move it 50 yards right‑to‑left.

Q.  Where did you miss your drive, right?


Q.  How do you make the move tomorrow?

STEPHEN AMES:  You know, it will be interesting to see what the conditions are like tomorrow in the afternoon, if they're going to let them get overboard, like they have in the past, but we'll see.  My ball‑striking is consistent enough, it's good enough to be able to move into somewhat of a contention and be satisfied internally, mentally, that I'm happy with my round.  That's basically it.

Q.  Any greens or pins kind of on the edge?

STEPHEN AMES:  Yeah, I thought the 1‑down the hill, 5th, I thought that was a bit skeptical.  It's on the top, right‑hand corner.  You hit putts there, they're coming back to you.

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