Alistair Presnell (Flash)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Score 701, Even

Q.  Nice round of golf out there today.  Talk about your experience.

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  Well it is my first time in a U.S. Open, first time in a Major.  I was certainly nervous, I'm still nervous.

But it was nice to stick to a routine out there that I've been working on for awhile and it held up through the first five holes, well six holes, after an early bogey on the first.

But then to have a birdie there on 7 and hit a great tee shot in on 8 was, it got me a little bit more comfortable out there.

Q.  The talk this week was about even par this week almost being like a red number on this golf course with the setup.  Do you feel like you went out there and shot under par?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  Yeah, it did feel as though I played about 25 holes.  I'm pretty exhausted, pretty beat.  I've done it before, playing difficult golf courses and performing all right, so it's nice to play a difficult golf course again and shooting a reasonable number.  So I'm absolutely stoked with this even par 70.

Q.  USGA always attempts to make these the toughest test in golf.  Do you think that they have accomplished that?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  They have done a pretty good job.  The greens I thought on Monday probably weren't quite what I was expecting.  Today they were.  They were bouncing a bit more firmer and certainly the pace on them was a little quicker than the last couple of days.

Q.  What did you do well out there today?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  I had a good caddie that kept me steady and told me what to do and fortunately I was able to do a little bit of it.

He just told me to not to get a head of myself and that we have still got another hole to play, another shot to play.  So to go through the routine and not get ahead of myself, really, was probably the key.

Q.  Sleep well tonight and come out tomorrow?


Q.  What's the mindset going into tomorrow?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  Well, you can't win it today, you can't win it tomorrow, so tomorrow I'll be starting at even par again and looking for another solid performance.  If I can do that, I'll have accomplished my goal and go from there.

Q.  Is there any cause to be more aggressive to bring the score down a little bit?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  No.  I think if you try to take on the course, it will bite you back.  So there for I was really just playing probably almost a boring round of golf, shooting for the, just shooting for the middle of the greens and accepting that 2‑putts for a par was good enough and not to be charging anything.

Q.  Boring rounds of golf win this golf tournament.

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  I hope so.  I hope that's good enough.

Q.  Is there anything that you're going to do differently tomorrow that you discovered today?

ALISTAIR PRESNELL:  No.  I'll be.  Did he have low trying to hit more greens.  I got it up‑and‑down out of the sand a number of times.  So, yeah, we'll just go out there and do some more practice on some rhythm and tempo on the swing and trying to hit a few more balls out of the middle.

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