Watney Interview (Flash Area)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Q.   A rather unconventional 1‑under.

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, I got off to not the best of starts, but I was playing well.  I just wasn't ‑‑ I gave a few shots away with the putter and 16's, a par‑6 almost.  So I was 3‑over, without doing too much bad stuff.  But obviously the shot on 17 was something I'll always remember, and I'm pleased with the round.

Q.  Describe the feeling when you realized that it went in.

NICK WATNEY:  I don't know what I was feeling.  Kind of, I can't really remember what I was feeling.  It was kind of disbelief and joy, and it was really exciting.

Q.  Did you see it go in, or was it the crowd roar?

NICK WATNEY:  I couldn't see it.  It was just the crowd.  I was expecting them to just ‑‑ I thought, obviously I thought it would miss and they would say, oh, but they didn't.  So it was good.

Q.  Playing here in northern California, obviously from northern California, is that something special to have a lot of your friend following you around?

NICK WATNEY:  Definitely.  We travel so much and see, we get to see so many parts of the world but it's very special to be playing here in Nor Cal, and I was here watch engine '98.  And it was pretty exciting.

Q.  Do you remember any of that?

NICK WATNEY:  I don't know, that was pretty cool.  It was not something you expect for sure.

Q.  I assume you've made a double eagle before?

NICK WATNEY:  Not in competition before.  So I'll take it.

Q.  How do you like your position going out and putting up a red number?  It was unconventionally done, but it's done.

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, well it's great.  It's the U.S. Open, so under par is really good, and I'm pleased with the round; but at the same time I got to play, get up early and play 1 through 6 tomorrow.  So I can't get too high on it.

Q.  You were feeling a little sick today.  Did that mentally take you off your game at all?

NICK WATNEY:  I was feeling a little sick.  It was ‑‑ I never had that situation happen before, but I was glad to be, I was glad to get it over with for sure.

Q.  So this season 12 of 14 cuts made but only an 8th and a 9th.  Has that been disappointing for you so far?

NICK WATNEY:  No question.  I haven't played nearly as well as I would like, and I've learned a lot of patience so far.  So I feel like my game is really headed in a good direction obviously this week and the British Open in a couple weeks, a lot of big events left, so I'm looking forward to the rest of the year.

 Q.  Are you going to look at the Top‑10 plays on ESPN tonight?

NICK WATNEY:  Yeah, I'll take a look at it.  Matt Cain last night here in San Francisco and it's been a good couple days for me.

Q.  You mentioned 1‑6 and how you started on the back today but you'll hit those right off the bat tomorrow.  How do you change your or do you change your approach of not starting on the front?

NICK WATNEY:  No, it's just a brutal stretch.  Trying to get the ball in play as much as possible and pars are really good.  So that will probably be the same regardless of when I play them.

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