Donald Interview (Flash Area)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Q.  Difficult day out there, obviously, just talk about the struggles.

LUKE DONALD:  Well, as I said earlier, the U.S. Open, the margins are that much smaller and if you're just a little bit off, which I was today, it's tough.  And then you have to really rely on chipping it close and making some putts and I didn't do that.      My putter kind of went cold today, otherwise I could have probably ground out some more respectable score.  But this place is tough.  I feel like even from yesterday it got a lot tougher and I didn't hit the shots when I needed to.

 Q.  Is it kind of odd to conceive of a round where you play and don't make a birdie?  I imagine that's been a while?

LUKE DONALD:  Well, the top three the in the world and we make three between us.  It shows how tough it is.  They're aren't that many opportunities out there.  Some hole locations with the firmness of the greens and the direction of the wind, the best case you're going to do is 20 feet.

So it's a challenge.  I tried to stay patient, tried to stay positive, but when I had those opportunities on the greens I couldn't take them.

Q.  Did you try to cheer each other up?  Did you talk about sort of come on, let's go?

LUKE DONALD:  We were focused on ourselves mostly.  There was a little bit of chat out there, but not too much.  The U.S. Open demands your full attention and obviously Lee had a good back nine, but Rory and I both struggled.

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