Ishikawa Interview (Flash Area)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Q.  How was it today?

RYO ISHIKAWA:  It was pretty tough.  Tough round for me.  Maybe for everyone.

I played with Ricky and Dustin, those guys are, I know these guys are playing good so far this year, but I'm feeling very good and I was able to focus on my golf today.

Q.  How much tougher was the course today compared to even yesterday?

 RYO ISHIKAWA:  The greens are getting firmer and the fairways also.  So it's very difficult off the tee with the landing the ball in the fairway.

And the ninth hole I hit pitching wedge off the second shot, maybe 130 yards carry and then running maybe 30 yards.  So it's almost like a British Open.

Q.  How difficult were holes 1‑6?

RYO ISHIKAWA:  I made bogey on 5 and 7, so ‑‑ I mean, number 7 is the most difficult green, but it's the shortest hole.  It's very tough, I think.

Q.  What's it like to see a guy like Michael Thompson go out there and put up a 4‑under?  Do you feel like you have that in you?

RYO ISHIKAWA:  No, I just tried to keep par today.  I tried to keep the par low today.  So I'm very tired right now, especially mentally.  So I'm going to rest tonight, so hopefully I'll play well tomorrow too.

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