Luke Donald (Flash)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Score 151, 11‑over

Q.  Not your week?

LUKE DONALD:  No, no.  A little better today, but little consolation, obviously.  It's not going to be good enough to play the weekend and obviously my troubles started last or yesterday.  I was a little off.  And that's going to get you around a U.S. Open course.

I think I missed nine putts inside 10 feet yesterday and just couldn't get the feel for the greens, the reads, the speed.  And if I had putted a little bit better yesterday I could have ground out a score today and maybe been somewhere decently placed for the weekend.  But it wasn't to be and I'm trying to learn from it and come back stronger next time.

Q.  Can this year's course and last year's course even be compared?

LUKE DONALD:  I don't know.  What was Rory after two days?

Q.  I think 65, 65.

LUKE DONALD:  10‑under?  11‑under?  

Q.  Do you wish you had come out before Saturday?  Would that have helped?

LUKE DONALD:  I've tried various things, the problem these days when we play Majors is the week before is nothing like when you get to Thursday, even Wednesday was different to Thursday.

They have a knack to try and make ‑‑ to get this course playing differently.  When it comes to turning up on Thursday morning, it seems like a different animal.

I feel like I was just prepared as I'll be.  I certainly don't regret anything that I did before teeing up on Thursday.  I just didn't come here swinging well enough, and obviously my putter was a bit cold this week.

Q.  Are the disappointments in Majors sort of compiling and adding a little bit of pressure?

LUKE DONALD:  Well, certainly that's the one part of my golfing resume in the last few years especially that I need to continually address and continually improve.  I want to win one more than any of you guys know.  And obviously I'll continue to try and do that.

Q.  Can you talk of wanting to win one so badly that you sometimes got in your one way.  Is this an example of that?

LUKE DONALD:  In terms of that anxious, that attitude of pressing too hard, I don't think so.  I think it was more a case of just not quite feeling too comfortable with the swing this week.  And that happens.  I feel that not just Major weeks but other weeks too.

But unfortunately at Major weeks that's going to be magnified even more.  And obviously that and coupled with me being a pretty solid putter usually and taking 36 putts yesterday, that's always going to be tough for me.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

LUKE DONALD:  No, I felt a little uncomfortable.  I felt I wasn't compressing the ball like I should have been.  I didn't have quite the full control.  But I tried not to, in previous years I probably would have panicked a little bit.  But I tried to go out Thursday and just kind of trust it and even in the practice days I wasn't quite comfortable.  I was scoring okay.  I was keeping score and getting it around okay.  So I was just trying to stay as positive as I could.

Q.  Was it nice to see the putt drop on 4?

LUKE DONALD:  On 4?  Yeah, I suppose there was a little bit of a slight consolation that I finally made a putt.  And obviously along one on 4.  It was probably about 30 feet.  It was a good job it found the middle of the hole because it was going to be 10 feet by.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

LUKE DONALD:  My next one will be Scottish.  So three weeks off.  Put the clubs away for a week probably or two days at least.  Just to take stock of what I need to do and then back to the grind.

Q.  The U.S. Open is famous for being tough, hard greens, fast greens.  What's the one, two, three the players would say the worst thing is this and then it's that?

LUKE DONALD:  Any time you have firm greens, that's the hardest part.  If you ever want to make a course tougher you get the greens firm.  We don't play that many courses that of are this firm, not even close.  That coupled with the slope of the greens make it tough.  And other than that, there's probably the rough around the greens is gnarly and then the rough off the tee.

Q.  What were you thinking you needed to do to make the cut?

LUKE DONALD:  Oh, probably finish at 8.  Maybe 1‑under today.  Something in the 60s, I think, might have been good enough.

Q.  Was there pressure to go out and make a low number?

LUKE DONALD:  It's tough, I made birdie on 4 to get to 10, I think.  And then 6 and 7 I hit driver and I probably if I was playing my own game I probably wouldn't have hit driver on those holes.  But I was pressing to try and make birdie and I made bogey on 6 and that's a tough thing about a U.S. Open, it's hard to be aggressive.

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