Michael Thompson (Flash)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Score 141, 1‑over

 Q.  Was it a bobble that you got right?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Yeah, typical U.S. Open, playing tough.  Yesterday was an unbelievable round and didn't by any means expect to go out and do the same thing, just go out and survive, and I felt like I did that.  I didn't give up, obviously 5‑over's not the best, but I finished with a birdie and that's always good.

Q.  Was it a shock to the system early with those bogeys?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Yeah, it's just one of those tournaments where playing with the lead really doesn't matter.  Because you're going to go out and make bogeys and you're going to fall back and you're going to make birdies and I felt like I hung in there.  I was 3‑over after four holes and made a good birdie on, I guess, 15.  Really felt like I was hitting good shots going into there and played 16 great, just missed the birdie putt.

Seventeen played really well.  I don't know, it's just the golf course.  It's the way the USGA sets up their courses and the way the U.S. Open plays.  I'm in a great position for tomorrow and I'm excited about it.

Q.  Is there any way to enjoy the experience though after such a spectacular start and to be out there knowing the amount of work you had put into this particular course and your preparation?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Absolutely.  This is what I dreamed of, growing up as a kid, playing in the U.S. Open and being close to the lead, being in contention, and to have that opportunity going into the weekend at such a young point in my career, an early point in my career, is phenomenal.  It's experiences I can only build on.  Like I said yesterday, I love this golf course.  That still has not changed.

 I just have a good feeling about this week, and I'm going to go out and be as competitive as I can.

Q.  Was there a point where you kind of got out of your comfort zone early on?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  No, I don't think so.  I just tried to focus on playing the golf course.  It is different playing with the lead and it's kind of cool seeing your name up on the leaderboard; but then again, I got to have the discipline to not look at the leaderboard.  It's only Friday and there's a lot of golf left.

Q.  You said it's different playing with the lead, what's different about it?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  It's different in the way you've got to be really mentally strong to go out and do your game plan, stick to what you know how to do, because it's easy to play protective when you have the lead.

After the first round of any tournament you, that's not what you want to go do.  I probably fell into that a little bit, but I felt like I fought back.  I got myself right out of it playing 13.

Fourteen I made a mistake. Fifteen I made a good birdie, so I felt like I didn't give up and I still have a chance.

Q.  The experience at this point of your young career, what did you think about when you saw Beau Hossler's name up there at 17 years old?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  It's just fun.  This is what I've dreamed about and to be able to go out and experience it and then have all the family and friends that I have here this week, to be able to share that experience with them, it just makes it very memorable.  I'm just looking forward to everything.

Q.  What about seeing a 17 year old up there on the leaderboard?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Kids these days, when it comes to sports, are getting better and better, younger and younger.  They're more fine tuned, more ready to compete on a big stage.  And that's not something that I had at that age, but then again I wouldn't change what I went through for anything.  It's really cool to see.  I guess it helps grow the game to see such young players out there playing well.

Q.  Do you back down?  How do you approach tomorrow and starting the week, if someone would have said you were 2 back after 36, how would you have felt?

MICHAEL THOMPSON:  Surprised.  I'm very excited.  I am not a pushover by any means.  I don't believe I'm that way, and so I've always prided myself in going out and being competitive and never giving up; and in a U.S. Open it's a perfect example of the person who doesn't give up usually finishes really well.

 I don't know, I'm just going to go out tomorrow and enjoy the experience and fight as hard as I can.  This golf course is playing ridiculously tough and it's only going to get tougher.

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