Andy Zhang (Flash)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Score 157, 17 over

 Q.  What is your overall experience?  Describe it.  What kind of a week has it been?

ANDY ZHANG:  It has been one of the most exciting unforgettable and unbelievable experiences.  Everything I did was, I never had done it before and it's just a great experience.

Q.  What about the future?  What does that hold for you now?

ANDY ZHANG:  It kind of gave me some confidence making it here, and it's going to help my junior career a lot and hopefully I'll comeback here next year.

Q.  Beau Hossler played last year at the age of 16 and he played two rounds and missed the cut.  And he's back and he was on the leaderboard this year.  And he said that one of the most influential things that he had happen to him was that experience.  It meant so much in terms of building his career.  Do you feel like that you've just had the best bit of golf school you could imagine?

ANDY ZHANG:  Yes, definitely.  I can see ‑‑ I can feel what he's talking about, because there's a huge difference between the first day and the second day.  First day I was on the tee, I was shaking a lot and even after like a few holes I was still really nervous, and today I was on the tee.  It got a lot better.  You kind of can block out the crowds a little bit and everything else.  If I come back here next year, I think I'll do a lot better, yeah.

Q.  You said one of your goals is to play for the ‑‑ for China at the Olympics.  Are you in any contact with the Team China, and do you have any plans to join their preparations?

ANDY ZHANG:  Not really.  It's just one of my dreams that I want to do, but I haven't done anything official yet.

Q.  If I could, could you comment in Mandarin about this experience for the weekend?

ANDY ZHANG:  Do I have to?  Because I don't feel like my Chinese is as good as my English.

Q.  What's been the coolest moment for the whole week?  One highlight?  The best highlight?

ANDY ZHANG:  The best highlight?  It had to be yesterday on number 18, making that putt from the fringe.  That I think that's the loudest cheer I heard like for my life from other people and I mean basically everything is really cool this week.  Standing actually right next to Bubba Watson, watching him hitting the tee shot.  The free food is really good too.  And great candy bars in the locker room.  Your shoes are free and they do your laundry and everything.

Q.  Do you feel a bond, a kinship with some of these players who you might have looked up to, might have been your idols and they showed words ever support and did the things that they showed you on the golf course?  I mean what would you say to these players who kind of supported you this week?

ANDY ZHANG:  Oh, great experience, well, I mean, all those players actually looking up to like great example, Ernie Els?  Because he works with David Leadbetter and I work in his academy at champions gate.  And I always looked up to him.  He's like the big man kind of, because when I take a lesson with Andrew Park, he always, like he always showed me Ernie's swing, and I always want to meet him and once I did, he's actually like really nice to me and he's kind of taking me on as a younger brother and just really nice.

And Aaron Baddeley, he's one of the players that Andrew has shown me his swing a lot too and I played a practice round with him and he seems like a really, really nice guy and today I just I was on the ninth tee and he was walking by and he was it actually waiving to me.  That's pretty cool.

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T2M. Thompson-3F+2
T2G. McDowell+3F+2
T4D. Toms-2F+3
T4P. Harrington-2F+3
T4J. PetersonEF+3
T4J. DufnerEF+3
T4J. Furyk+4F+3
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