Retief Goosen (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Score 214, 4‑over

Q.  Red number out there today.  Talk about the round.

RETIEF GOOSEN:  Yeah, made a nice solid par on the first after missing the green and I played solid.  I gave myself a lot of ‑‑ I hit a lot more fairways today, besides two bad iron shots plugging in a bunker and on a par‑3 back there, I think it's 12 or something, and 18.  So otherwise pretty solid.

Q.  Tiger, Jim, David all giving back shots.  They're above par right now.  You're in a good position going into the final round, do you think?

RETIEF GOOSEN:  The last hole is disappointing.  If I gave myself a chance for a birdie today and to finish up with a birdie would have been a big difference.  Two shots behind or three shots behind going into the last round is a bit easier than going to be four or five behind.

I think probably somebody will maybe finish in the red numbers today; but yeah, I'm up there.  My game's not been that good the last few months and it's nice to play well again.

Q.  Do you feel like you're getting your game back?  After around like this today, do you feel like you're back?

RETIEF GOOSEN:  The first round I hit the ball all over the place and in the second round I hit it a lot better.  Then really just the last three holes yesterday I made three birdies, so 4‑under my last 21 holes, really.

But I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  It's going to be tough and the greens are getting a little like Shinnecock and if I can keep hitting fairways and greens tomorrow give myself a few chances, you never know.

Q.  It's been 11 and 8 years, I should say, but you have done this before and on two you mentioned Shinnecock and certainly Southern Hills you've done it on very difficult course setups.  Can you draw upon that when you're going into a final round and you're within a few strokes of the lead to know that you've been able to do this on a USGA course?

RETIEF GOOSEN:  Oh, yeah.  You know, this golf course, it's not going to get any easier, so players are going to come back and today's under par round is definitely going to move you up.

I'm thinking that I'm going to be four or five behind going into tomorrow, but today's about as good as conditions we could wish for over here.  It's warm, hardly any wind.  If the wind picks up tomorrow and you get a good round in, you never know what can happen.

Q.  You've obviously done it before twice.  How hungry does that make you to want to be in that?  It's theater out there on the Sunday when you're vying for a U.S. Open and you've been right in the middle of the opera before, so...

RETIEF GOOSEN:  No, I'm looking forward to it.  Like I say, I would love to have the opportunity coming down the last five, six holes being only one or two behind tomorrow.  That would be great fun.

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