Martin Kaymer (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Score 214, 4‑over

Q.  You're in a familiar place, tied for 8th at Pebble and here you are in the mix here.  It's been a while, but talk about how your round went and how you're feeling?

MARTIN KAYMER:  I played very solid today.  I hit definitely more fairways and more greens than yesterday.  Yesterday was little bit of a struggle, but I scrambled very well.  I made a lot of saves yesterday, which gave me a lot of motivation for today, because I knew that my short game was sharp enough.  I just have to hit fairways and greens and I would have more birdie chances and maybe I can score a little bit better.

Today I really did that.  I hit a lot of fairway, had good chances, even though the putts that I had they were difficult; but fortunately I could make a few.  I think I made six birdies today, which is quite good on the golf course.

Q.  Six birdies.  Did you think there were six birdies out there to be made?

MARTIN KAYMER:  Maybe on the back nine, but not so many on the front nine.  But I could manage to make birdie on 4, 6 and 7.  That was great. And then another birdie on 9.

It's just, you don't really think ahead here.  You have to be so focused on the hole you play and that is what I did very well today.  I really stayed in the present, I didn't think about the next hole, or the next few holes, didn't really think about the past.  I was just very in control.

Q.  You're within two or three of the lead going into the final round.  The leaders are giving shots back.  Do you like your position?

MARTIN KAYMER:  That would be nice. (Laughter.)

Q.  No, I just ‑‑

 MARTIN KAYMER:  There's a whole lot of golf to play.  We'll see where the leaders are going to be.  But I think you will have a good chance if you finish the tournament with 1 or 2‑over par.  I think have you a good chance to be in contention for tomorrow.  I'm 4‑over now.

If I play the same golf tomorrow, then I might have a chance to get up there somehow, but it's still early, it's always ‑‑ you know, you can shoot two or three upped on the golf course, but you can shoot five, 6‑over as well.  It's so fast that that can happen.

Q.  How do you assess the way you're playing right now?  Are you feeling like your game's coming back?  Do you feel like you're in decent form?

MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, I'm in a decent form for two months, but it hasn't really happened for me.  And yesterday and today I got some fortunate breaks once in a while, which is nice. But I played ‑‑ today I was very in control about my tee shots.  I really played the golf course the way it's supposed to be played or meant to be played.  Cuts into certain holes and then high draws into some greens.  And that was very ‑‑ I was very pleased with that.  It gives you a lot of motivation if you can really make those shots in those situations.  So I played them all rather than trying to steer around the golf course.

Q.  Your natural shot is the cut.  Do you think that gives you an advantage on this course?

MARTIN KAYMER:  Well, it used to be the cut.  Now I'm pretty straight, but can I hit it both ways, which is nice.  But obviously I still have that in me that can I always fade it.  It's a very comfortable shot for me.  And I do think it helps a little bit on the golf course.

But even though they have a few fairways slope from left‑to‑right, obviously it helps well if you can draw the ball into the fairway so that it stays there.  But I just feel very comfortable at the momentum.

Q.  Your shot of the day was on 6.  Is that correct?

MARTIN KAYMER:  My bunker shot on 6 was a good one.  A good bunker shot.  It's such a difficult hole you stand there on the tee box and think that the driver will get you into that bunker, 3‑wood will get you into that bunker.

But you don't want to lay it up because then have you till 220 yards to the flag.  So I just thought if I hit a good drive I would have a good chance for three, maybe four is fine.  But then I was ending up in that bunker and I hit a fantastic bunker shot and could manage to make a three there.  So maybe I stole a shot on that hole.

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