John Senden (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Score 213, 3‑over.

Q.  Great round of golf.

 JOHN SENDEN:  We had a good day, fed off each other.  Lee played well.  I was excited to play with Lee.  He was the highest ranked player still left in the field, I guess.  And that was really nice.  I played with Lee maybe once before, maybe twice before back in European.  I enjoy his company.

We are just ‑‑ I just love watching him play.  He's solid and we had a good day.  We chatted and we felt good.  Hopefully he felt good with me.  He shot a good score as well.

Q.  You did him well?

 JOHN SENDEN:  I guess so. (Laughter.)

 Q.  Great way to finish.  That was a pretty tough putt at the last.

 JOHN SENDEN:  I had a putt from above the hole on the hole better and it was really slippery there.  A lot of break on that putt.  Any time you're above the hole on any of these greens it's difficult.  So it's all about the defensive play when you're above it, and just felt better on the green today.

I had some chances that I still could have made, but I got my share too today.  So that was good.  I put together around where it was a solid ball striking and solid putting.  So I ran this place.  I'm happy with it.

 Q.  What was you your mindset going in today?  I really thought that par figures were a great round.  And I think that it all would depend on what the leaders are doing too, whether you're back in the game.  So shooting 2‑under and seeing the leaders not going anywhere, I think we have a chance to give it a shot tomorrow.


  Q.  You could very well be within one, two of the lead.  The leaders are giving some back.  Do you feel like your position is good going into Sunday?

 JOHN SENDEN:  I like it.  I think it's good.  I think that's why we practice, I've been getting more and more experience in the Major Championships.  I need to enjoy tomorrow and it will be a tough day.  Every day's tough around this golf course, but Sunday with the pressure and going out there and just playing my game and do the best I can.

Q.  You're pretty pumped as you came off.  Can you play off that for tomorrow?

JOHN SENDEN:  Yeah.  Yeah, I had some good momentum on the middle of my round too today and it was good.  And finishing it off today has given me that little bit of belief that the putts are rolling in and with on difficult greens, and I need to keep continuing that in the way I've been with my routines.

Current Leaders
1W. Simpson-2F+1
T2M. Thompson-3F+2
T2G. McDowell+3F+2
T4D. Toms-2F+3
T4P. Harrington-2F+3
T4J. PetersonEF+3
T4J. DufnerEF+3
T4J. Furyk+4F+3
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