Fredrik Jacobson (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Score 211, 1‑over

Q.  Much better on a day like today?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  It was a beautiful day out there.  Perfect weather.  Nice conditions.  And I played some good golf.

Q.  How early in the round did you think you had a chance to get into contention?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  I knew before the round that if I could put a good number up today that I most likely could give myself a chance for tomorrow.  It was a big day out there today to try to close the gap a little bit and get into contention.

So the first few holes I didn't hit the fairways and they're tough as it is, even if you are in the fairways.  So I had to work really hard the first six holes to play those 1‑over, and I think that was key.  So I hit a good shot on 7 to get myself back to even and then played really solid from there.

Q.  You've been in the mix before here at the U.S. Open in the Majors.  How much does that experience help going into the final round?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Any time you can draw from good memories it helps.  Obviously it's a new situation, it's a new tournament, so we're always starting from scratch; but I think last year being in contention here in the U.S. Open and also playing pretty well in the Masters this year at least being around it a little bit and also getting to play the Majors over the last two years or year and a half helps.  So I have some consistency going.

Q.  How pleased are you with the way you're playing?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  I'm really happy.  I've had a little bit of a break before Memphis last week.  I was off for having pain in my back.  So really happy to be feeling well again and be swinging it better, and I'm feeling really good.  So it's nice.

Q.  Anything specific you learned from the first three days that will help you tomorrow?  Just overall on the conditions out here?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  I do think as you go along I think you try to know from the beginning what sides to miss the fairways, if you're going to miss the fairways.  But I think that's been the key.  If I've been missing them most of the time I've been on the right side where you can have a shot and work it up to the green.      So I think having a good game plan like that, you still got to hit the shots, but I think that I'm feeling pretty comfortable with the way the course is set up.

Q.  The round today, you played better each day and then today was remarkable round.  Do you just feel like have you great momentum going into tomorrow?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, tomorrow it's a new day again and I just hope I can keep hitting the ball solid.  You got to hit the ball solid.  And I've had a good strike on the ball the first three days.  If I can keep doing that I'll give myself a chance.

Q.  You made pars on 15 and 16.  How strange is it going from a 107 yard par‑3 to a 671 yard monster?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  That par five is a tough hole.  Probably one of the most important holes to hit the fairway on the course, so you can get close enough to where you can stop it.  It's a really firm green and it's got a lot of slopes; and I missed the fairway the last couple of days coming in with 6 and 5‑irons on the third shot.  It's not easy to get it close to the flag.

Q.  Pin location on number 15 is tucked close to the edge there?

FREDRIK JACOBSON:  Yeah, 15, the short par‑3?  Yeah, I hit my gap wedge.  So it was playing probably playing like 110 yards today.

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