Nicolas Colsaerts (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Score 212, 2‑over

Q.        Describe it?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Undescribable.  I knew it was going to be quite good, but you can't compare it to anything else.


 Q.  Do you want to fill us in?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Drove up from San Diego with my parents.  It was really good.

Q.  You're right in this tournament.  Talk about your position.

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, I feel I played unbelievably well the first 12, 14 holes.  The plan was obviously to start well on these few holes, gave myself a few very good birdie chances.  I wasn't quite efficient enough on the greens, if I could have putted a little better maybe I would have probably been easily under par.

But then you set yourself in such a way that you just don't ask too much.  I thought that the way I did my pars was the way I intended to do them, and that was all I ‑‑ that was the goal, pretty much.

Q.  Can you explain a course that you've seen like this that you've played, or is there anything that you ever played like this?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, the firmness of the ground is very much like links golf except you're in trees.  So it's not surprising to see Graeme play this way in U.S. Open because he keeps it in play all the time.  He's used to marble fast greens.  So it's not surprising to see Graeme play like that, Furyk as well.

They play their way around and hit the right shots at the right time.  But you can hardly compare this type of setup and golf courses that we play week in, week out.

 Q.  Do you feel like there are any opportunities out there to attack or is it just pretty much playing sort of defensive all wait around?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  It just depends how well you play the holes.  I thought there was a few pins today you could get to.  I didn't quite take advantage of them, but then they moved teeth up on 15 and it's only like 110 yards to the front.

But you got probably the toughest pin position green‑wise, slope‑wise around the hole on the whole course today.  So they do a tremendous job at testing shot making and I think it's quite what they want.

Q.  To be part of what tomorrow is going to be and just your thoughts on that.  The final round of a Major and you're right in the mix.

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well just as much as I felt like today, of course it's exciting.  But then I'm still probably going to play another 15 or 20, so I'm probably going to get enough back ago around I can.  Playing with Graeme is as good as it gets, when gets in the hunt like that, you know.  He's going to hit the right shots and you know he's going to not let it slip.

So it's ‑‑ we enjoy each other's company and we played a lot together, so it was the perfect partner for me today.

Q.  (Inaudible.)

 NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  You get up to 18 and you see all these people and it's just so loud and I mean you dream of being part of moments like that.  And especially when you only got like 12 foot down a hill for birdie.  You know, it's not like I really had a tough shot to come next.  But it's hard to describe how much flows in your veins at that momentum.

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