John Peterson (Flash)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Score 213, 3‑over

Q.        Talk about the benefits of playing with David.

JOHN PETERSON:  Benefits of playing with D.T.?  There's a lot of them.  We can talk about pretty much anything, two Louisiana boys playing in the same group, right in front of Tiger.  It was fun.

I was surprisingly very comfortable out there from the first tee shot through to the end.  I was pretty comfortable.  I felt like I belonged.  I felt like my game's in shape to play well, I just didn't putt very good.

Q.  Talk about that last putt on 18?

 JOHN PETERSON:  That was really bad.  I would still be waiting if there was a rule.  There wasn't rule.  I would still be waiting on that putt.  It started kind of wobbling a little bit I thought it was going to go in, but it didn't.

Q.  What were you thinking feeling on the 13 tee at 4‑over?

JOHN PETERSON:  I was thinking if I got in at 73, 74, that would be a solid round with the way I had putted it today.  But when it went in, man, I don't know what I did, I want to watch the replay.  I hope y'all have a replay so I can see it again.  But I went nuts.  I know that.  I tried chest bump my caddie and I missed and I think I hit his head.  But it was really, really cool.  First one ever.  Being in the U.S. Open on the weekend was awesome.

 Q.  You hit what?


Q.  How far?

 JOHN PETERSON:  I don't remember.  I think it was like 181, 182 maybe.

Q.  Is it true the story about your mom getting an ace on the first time she hit a ball?

 JOHN PETERSON:  She hit one shot in her life and it went in.  And she quit.  Smart girl.

Q.  Where was that?

JOHN PETERSON:  I don't remember.  I think it was in Colorado somewhere.  Pretty sure it was in Colorado.  I never really went on their honeymoon.

Q.  Did you see the ball go in or crowd reaction?

 JOHN PETERSON:  I saw it go in.  I saw it go in and I lost it.  D.T. lost it too.  I think we're pulling for each other, so we both were really excited, it was awesome that it went in.

 Q.  17?

JOHN PETERSON:  17, I hit a terrible drive.  I had a really bad lie in the rough.  Rough was kind of coming into my ball, from the green, and I had to smash a 9‑iron down there, but I left myself with a perfect yardage.  It was an easy shot and an easy putt too.

 Q.  What was the yardage?


 Q.  The putt?

 JOHN PETERSON:  I don't know.  Five feet maybe.  It's only one I made all day from five feet, so.  If felt good.

Q.  How did it compare to what you thought it would?

JOHN PETERSON:  I hit it really well, I controlled it really well, I just didn't score that well.  If that ball doesn't go in for 1, I shoot 74, and I lose a lot of ground.

But it went in, so it was an all right round.  I need to go putt a little bit after I eat.  I'm starving, but it was an all right round.  Kept myself right there.

Q.  How many LSU cheers did you guys here and what were they saying?

JOHN PETERSON:  It was cool for like two or three holes, but after that it was like, gosh, shut up.  We got so many roll tides and go Hogs and all that.  I was fed up with it.  I wanted to throw a ball at them.

Q.  Were they yelling Tigers, not Tiger?

JOHN PETERSON:  Well, we got both.  I don't think they knew who I was anyway, so that was all right.

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