John Peterson (Flash)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Score 283, 3‑over

Q.  Tell us about your round.  How did it go?

JOHN PETERSON:  I was pleased with the way I played.  Really pleased.  I just didn't putt good again, but I just hit it, that's the best I've hit it all week.  I just couldn't get anything together.  But I'll take even par in the final round of a U.S. Open every time.

Q.  Got to take some memories away from this week?

JOHN PETERSON:  Lots of them.  My grandmother passed away a week ago yesterday.  She was 84, 85.  I kind of came kind of came out of nowhere.  She was perfectly healthy two weeks ago and then a week later she gets sick and dies.

So I know my grand dad's at home watching me.  So it was pretty cool on Father's Day to play well for him and for my dad also.  My dad and my mom are out there also.

Q.  Your hole‑in‑one will be etched in U.S. Open lore.  After all that's said and done is your time here something you're very much, you're proud of your accomplishment here you're excited the way you played and looking forward to having it be something that will trigger better things going forward?

JOHN PETERSON:  Oh, yeah.  Oh, yeah.  Sorry, I was out of it.

Q.  Your hole‑in‑one is going to be embedded in U.S. Open lore.

JOHN PETERSON:  Yeah, okay.

Q.  That's something we'll see on highlight reels for years and years.  As far as what you've taken from this experience, is this something that you think you'll be able to grow on and utilize to help you as you pursue your career?

JOHN PETERSON:  Oh, yeah.  That was a turning point, because I was 4‑over par.  I was slowly moving my way down the leaderboard and then that went in.  And it changed the whole tournament for me.  It really did.  It turned it around.  Because I was cumulative, I guess I was 5‑over at that point.

I was really losing ground there.  But when that thing went in, it really turned the whole week around for me.  It's special.  Really special.

Q.  How much different were the conditions today?

JOHN PETERSON:  I didn't think they were that much different.  I thought it was a scorable golf course still.  I was able to hold the greens with ‑‑ but what you got to do you really do have to work it against the slope on 5 today I hit it in the fairway, but I had to hit almost a flop 6‑iron, I mean against the slope and just bleed it up into the air the other way.

But it is, it was ‑‑ good scores were out there and I think you saw some red numbers, I'm not sure how many, but I think there were a couple.  It was very fair.  It was great.  But they did a really good job.

Q.  Going to ask you about your scorecard to go through it.  Hold on.  Tell us about your birdies today, you had a bad 16th hole, and you came back with a birdie on 17.  Why don't you explain that an ill a little bit?

JOHN PETERSON:  16, I was trying to rope it around the corner off the tee, hit it a little thin, kind of stayed out to the right and it kicked right from the intermediate cut into the thick stuff.  And I thought that was odd because the fairways sloped about like that, it looks like a Daytona Speedway or something and it shouldn't kick that way.

But it did and I hit a bad ‑‑ I just hit a terrible second shot.  And it stayed in the rough.  First priority is get it in the fairway so you can get it up by the green.  But I didn't do that and I had 86 yards for my third, and I told my caddie I said, look, we got 86 yard, that's a sucker pin I'm still not going at it with a lob wedge in my hand.  We're going to make six and leave.  And I made 7.  That green was really quick back to front and I kind of misjudged it.  But then I missed that comebacker.  That was an easy putt too.  Just kind of left it out there to the right.

Q.  But you rallied with a bounce back birdie.

JOHN PETERSON:  Yeah, that was nice.  Really wanted to make that eagle.  But I'll take birdie on that hole.  I had a tough eagle putt.

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