Beau Hossler (Flash)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Score 289, 9 over

Q.  Talk about the final round nerves if there were any, and how today differed from some of the other days for you?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Sure.  I was nervous start the round, no doubt.  Just like every other day I was nervous starting the round but I felt pretty comfortable coming to the middle and toward the end, but unfortunately made some mistakes coming in that obviously hurt my score.

Q.  Talk about how valuable the last year was for you and how it was so important when you came this year.  What are you going to take from this opportunity to learn?

BEAU HOSSLER:  There's so much, so many positives for the week.  I played well out of 70 holes, 72 holes I probably played well 60 of them.  Made some crucial mistakes, missed some on the wrong side of the holes.  But just like from last year, it's only a learning experience and I still have some time before I come out and start doing this for a living.

Q.  You had yesterday you alternated birdie bogey and then you had kind of a run today where you had a couple birdies and that, did you feel ‑‑ and then those last few holes, did you feel like you were losing momentum?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Oh, yeah, for sure.  Any time you go consecutive bogeys for me at least I feel like it's kind of starting to slip a lit a little bit and you have to right the shim.  And I couldn't do that today.  I want to say I had maybe two or three birdies out there, but I just couldn't really stop the bleed the whole round.

Q.  What's next for you?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Going to play at Cal State Am next week down in Santa Barbara.  The Sahalee Players Amateur.

Q.  Early in the round, did you ever feel comfortable over the ball after your first few holes?

BEAU HOSSLER:  I was really trying to hit fades off the tee and somehow I think I was getting stuck under a little bit and was hitting some toe pulls a little.  But that's really what cost me today is I was unable to, this is a fader's golf course you got to hit it into the slope and you have to have back spin so the ball doesn't roll through the fairways.

I didn't do that and consequently didn't hit very many fairway.

Q.  You holed out number 1 and made another good putt on No. 2.  Did you start thinking that one of those, that it pretty soon you were going to be able to capitalize on this thing?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Yeah, I felt like I rolled it well all day.  I really didn't make that many putts but I felt pretty good, my speed felt all right, my stroke felt good.  I did go get those two key saves at the beginning.  But I mean when those are for par you're not going to make them all, you got to make sure that you're getting some birdie opportunities as well.

 Q.  You got a standing ovation when you came up to the 18th.  Did that surprise you and how does that feel for you at your age?

 BEAU HOSSLER:  I was really thrilled for that.  It was a tough day, but to see the crowd totally support me, that was really special.

Q.  What was the favorite memory of the entire week that you'll take with you more than any other?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Probably the back nine on Saturday where I kind of got myself back into contention a little built.  That was pretty special because you got roaring crowds and everything and really got the Major Championship feel.

 Q.  How will you top this?  At your age how do you possibly top this week?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Go out to another TOUR event and play better.

Q.  Do you have school this summer?  Are you going to take the SAT?  What's your school ‑‑ you're a senior.  What does that mean for you this summer?

BEAU HOSSLER:  I'm not quite sure yet.  I got to figure that out when I get home.  But I'm not taking the SAT again, that's for sure.

Q.  Do you have in mind what your senior project's going to be?

BEAU HOSSLER:  No clue, no.

Q.  What's your ‑‑ you had some practice rounds and you talked about how they were great experiences interacting with those golfers?  How about once the competition started, were you still getting a lot of support and nurturing from the older golfers, or did it get a little more intense during the tournament?

BEAU HOSSLER:  There was obviously like I wanted to be treated just look any other player.  I'm not out there to learn during the tournament.  I'm out there to compete.  So no, it was just like standard, I guess.

Q.  When you get home and you're with your friend what's the one thing that you can't wait to tell them about when you guys are just hanging out being guys?

BEAU HOSSLER:  I don't know.  I guess the fans and support that I have.  You really, I mean on TV you can hear it but you can't really tell.  Obviously the standing ovation on the last hole and on hole 8, both of maybe even the last three days, you can't see that on TV.  You can't really tell how many people and how loud it is.  And to hear them chanting my name, that's pretty awesome.

Q.  When they were chanting on 8, do you, how does that affect you?  Do you get chills?  Get nervous?  Just Flash a grin?

BEAU HOSSLER:  No, I don't know what kind of effect it had on mow.  It was pretty cool to look back on it, but during the time I was just focused on trying to make that putt unfortunately it took me three.

Q.  Have you DVRd this?  Will you watch the whole Open again?

BEAU HOSSLER:  No, I'm not going to.

Q.  Do you give the can you can you relate the nerves to anything else.  The SATs, the prom or anything else?  The driving test?

 BEAU HOSSLER:  That third driving test was brutal.  I failed it twice.  I got screwed on the first one, messed up on the second one because if you miss the third one, I want to say you can't do it for another like three or six months.  So that was kind of the final straw.  So I was kind of nervous for that.  But obviously I was nervous out there on the course the entire time.  So like I said at the beginning of the rounds.


Q.  What do you like better chess or checkers?

BEAU HOSSLER:  Considering I don't know how to play chess, I guess checkers.

 Q.  If you could pick three great golf courses that you haven't played yet that you would like to go play, what would they be?

 BEAU HOSSLER:  Cyprus Point, Pine Valley and Oakmont.


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